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Food & Drinks

Our restaurant, ROOT, offers a vast selection of Asian delicacies with a German touch of efficiency. Let your palate take a journey through our trendy restaurant and bar. ROOT is an ideal dining experience for all walks of life, and our incredible bar offers divine cocktails made by our highly trained mixologists.

Awaken your senses

Root Restaurant

The Restaurant Root is back from the summer break and can't wait to welcome you again.

Because everything counts, a variety of tastes and influences are found at ROOT. International flavors with a local touch, from regionally sourced ingredients. Open cuisine for open minds, as versatile as Berlin itself.

Drinks with ambience

Root Bar

Chic ambience meets eclectic cocktail art. Not too fancy but still sophisticated, the ROOT Bar brings the best out of the night and guests. Fill your every desire.

Freshly baked

Japanese Bakery

Coming soon…
Essen zum Gesamtergebnis zu erheben ist japanische Tradition. Die Japanese Bakery beweist dies in gleich zwei kulinarischen Strängen: Der Back- und Sushikunst. Hier gibt es filigrane Leckereien aus dem Ofen und Sushi von Meister Satjai.